Piel Melaza Terms & Conditions

Payment Policy: Manual Payments:

  1. Ath M贸vil, PayPal & Venmo: The customer must follow the instructions provided at the time of submitting the order.
  2. If payment is not submitted within a 24-hour period, the order will be automatically canceled.

Return/Discount Policy:

  1. SOAPS: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. As a consumer, you assume full responsibility for your purchase, and no refunds, returns (exchanges), or discounts are provided. Please note that our products are personal hygiene items, and once the product is in your hands, it cannot be returned or discounted if you are not satisfied.

  2. ROOM SPRAYS, REED DIFFUSERS, CAR DIFFUSERS AND CANDLES: Exchanges for room sprays, bamboo diffusers, car diffusers, or candles are permissible within 7 days of purchase WITH RECEIPT.After 7 days, we are not longer responsible to give a exchange. Exchanges will only be facilitated in the event of a product defect (such as a malfunctioning sprayer, a broken bamboo lid, non-functional or damaged car diffuser, or a broken candle). We do not assume responsibility for mishandling or any potential consequences that may arise.
  3. Damages of products:聽We are not responsible under any circumstances for damage caused by any of our products to body and skin, surfaces, furniture, cars, house interiors and exteriors, house decorations, retail decorations, car decorations, clothes, apparels, etc. Our products are natural and handmade and sold under strict instructions. You can find all instructions of the manage and handling, ingredients and useof our products聽on our website.

  4. Shipping Errors: If you receive an incomplete order or receive a product by mistake, Piel Melaza will take responsibility for the shipping and rectify the error.

  5. Address Errors: If the address is written incorrectly, you can contact us at pielmelaza@gmail.com or send us a Direct Message on Instagram to correct your address. If you fail to contact us, Piel Melaza is not responsible for incorrectly written or non-existent addresses. The order will be delivered to Piel Melaza's facilities, and the customer is responsible for the cost of re-shipping.

  6. Lost Orders: Piel Melaza and pielmelaza.com are not responsible for lost packages once they are delivered to the postal service. Piel Melaza ensures that everything is in order and of quality while in their facilities. However, once the packages are in the hands of the postal service (USPS), we are not responsible for their handling, as we have no control over them. Pielmelaza.com provides a "tracking number," and with that tracking number, you should go to the postal service and inquire about the location of the package.

  7. Damaged Packages: Piel Melaza and pielmelaza.com are not responsible for broken packages once they are delivered to the postal service. Piel Melaza ensures that everything is in order and of quality while in their facilities. However, once the packages are in the hands of the postal service (USPS), we are not responsible for their handling, as we have no control over them.

  8. Discount Orders: When a discount is applied, it is under the jurisdiction established by Piel Melaza. Piel Melaza provides the correct and necessary information regarding free shipping, discounts, etc. However, it is the consumer's responsibility to READ CAREFULLY all the promotions on pielmelaza.com and on Instagram and Facebook to use the discount. Once payment is made, there are no refunds, order changes, or applications of discounts. If you wish to take advantage of the established promotions, you can cancel the order and place a new one.

Information Policy:

When a customer makes a purchase or attempts to make a purchase through the online store pielmelaza.com, certain information is collected, such as the name, billing address, shipping address, payment information (PayPal accounts), email address, and phone number. This information is referred to as order information.

Shipping Facilities:

We use the services of the United States Postal Service (USPS) for Puerto Rico and the United States. Every order is shipped within a period of 5-7 business days (Monday-Friday) after the order has been placed. The customer will receive a tracking number via email to track their order - "Pick-Up" orders do not apply.


It is important that the provided email address is accessible to the customer since all invoices and tracking numbers are sent directly to the email address provided when placing the order.

The Importance of Reading:

The ingredients used in each of Piel Melaza's recipes are based on natural oils, clays, minerals, and essential oils. We do not use fragrances or dyes in the making of our soaps. However, every individual's skin is different, and you may react or be allergic to certain ingredients used. Each product has a box where the ingredients contained in each soap are described and classified by skin type. It is imperative to read carefully in order to choose the best natural option for your skin type.

When enjoying any discount or promotion, it is the customer's responsibility and duty to read all the instructions established by Piel Melaza on their social media and online store and clarify any doubts. Piel Melaza's customer service is always available to assist the customer as long as they respect the policies established in Piel Melaza's online store.

Piel Melaza does not claim to be a dermatologist. Our soaps, lotions and whipped soaps are not medicated or certified, so we are not responsible for any effects they may cause. If you have a compromised skin condition, it is recommended that you visit your trusted dermatologist.

Contact Us: For any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at pielmelaza@gmail.com or on Instagram and Facebook @pielmelaza.


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