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  • ¡Últimas existencias! Jabón Natural Multiusos en Pastilla para Limpieza. 100% aceite de coco.

    Jabón Natural Multiusos en Pastilla para Limpieza. 100% aceite de coco.

    Jabón de limpieza. Este producto es específicamente para usos de limpieza tales como: - fregar - limpiar enseres - limpiar el baño - lavar ropa a mano - lavar ropa con manchas - lavar toallas sanitarias de tela a mano - removedor de grasa Sus ingredientes son 100% aceite de coco con olor a aceites esenciales cítricos. Se recomienda utilizarlo con guantes. Puede resecar la piel. Varía entre 8-10 onzas.


  • ¡Últimas existencias! Wick Trimmers

    Wick Trimmers

    Wick trimmers are essential tools for candle care, designed to ensure a clean and optimal burn every time. With their angled blades and ergonomic handles, wick trimmers make it easy to trim candle wicks to the ideal length before each use. This helps prevent uneven burning, excess smoke, and unsightly black soot buildup on the container. By consistently trimming your candle wicks to about a quarter of an inch, you can maximize the lifespan of your candles and enjoy a cleaner, safer, and more efficient burn. Incorporating wick trimmers into your candle care routine is a simple yet effective way to enhance your candle experience and prolong the enjoyment of your favorite scents. 1 unit


  • Eco-Toothbrush Bamboo

    Eco-Toothbrush Bamboo

    Embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle with our bamboo toothbrushes, the perfect choice for those who prioritize both oral hygiene and environmental sustainability. Crafted from sustainable bamboo, our toothbrushes offer a natural alternative to traditional plastic options, reducing environmental damage while promoting a nature-inspired lifestyle. With their ergonomic design and gentle bristles, our bamboo toothbrushes provide a refreshing dental experience, allowing you to maintain a clean and healthy smile without compromising your commitment to ecological preservation. Pack of 2 


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