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  • Car Diffuser

    Car Diffuser

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    Car Diffuser with Bamboo lid. Up to 2-3 weeks with scent. available scents: - Wine O’ Clock (cabernet) - Suit & Tie (mahogany) - Island Mango (coco-mango) - Chill Out! (Lavender-mint) - Sweetness (strawbeerry) soon more scents… 7.5mL  IMPORTANT: Diffuser designs may vary. It is not the same style all the time. The images are representative, but the style can change.

  • Diffusers Refill 1 onza

    Diffusers Refill 1 onza

     Car Diffusers REFILL 1 Oz each%. It will refill your car diffuser UP TO 5 times. Last about 4 months.  SCENT: PINE FOREST: 🌲🌲🌲 pine scent WINE O’ CLOCK: 🍇🍇 cabernet scent ONE IN A MELON: melon and cucumber scent SUNSET: 🌊🌊 paired with citrus notes to heighten the freshness of a cool ocean perfume, BONFIRE: 🔥🔥 Cinnamon, Ginger, Orange Peel, Clove, Cypress, Pine, Fir STRAWBERRY: 🍓 strawberry scent CHILL OUT: 🪻🌿 Lavender and mint scent SUIT & TIE: 🪵 Mahogany Taekwood scent COCO: 🥥 coconut scent. PEACHES AND CREAM:🍑 Peach & Apricot scent PINEAPPLE: Pineapple scent.  


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