What is Piel Melaza?

Piel Melaza is dedicated to the elaboration of products for personal use, including: handmade soaps for all skin types, exfoliants, among others. These products are completely natural, they do not contain fragrances or palm oil. They are handmade using vegetable oils and essential oils. We have soaps for oily skin, dry, sensitive and mixed. In addition, some of our soaps contain 100% natural extracts commonly used for medicinal purposes to help relieve muscle pain, rosacea and even psoriasis. Piel Melaza tries to take care of every detail of the production of its products to ensure an eco-friendly process. This effort has been carried to our packaging, which consists of an identification card of the soaps, which is made of recycled paper containing wildflowers seeds. The client has the opportunity to moisten and sow such paper on the ground, which will germinate after approximately 1-2 weeks. In addition, the exfoliating container made of glass, provides the option for the customer to return it to refill their product. Finally, we use cardboard and cloth bags, minimizing the use of plastic packaging.


Our mission is to provide the client with natural solutions for the daily needs of our skin, giving options free of chemicals, plastics and polymers that affect our environment and, therefore, the Planet in which we live.


Our vision is to make the client aware of the management of existing products and natural alternatives for skin care. We faithfully believe in the motto "Recycle, Reuse, Reduce" and we have implemented it in the business through the use of recycled and bio-degradable products.